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Why register with Roomph!

Manage your property with complete freedom to open
or close inventory whenever you want

With Roomph! you get complete freedom and access to your property’s inventory.
Add and Remove your property’s inventory depending upon your business.

Manage the pricing, policies and house rules
of your property for the guests

Whether you choose Dynamic Pricing based on seasonality or Static Pricing throughout
the year, you stay in control of your property by updating the room rates
with complete freedom.

Our team of experienced account managers will provide
expert advice in how to increase your profits

At Roomph! we’ll ensure that you do not leave money on the table by providing expert
advice and data to ensure you always remain competitive amongst your competition
and also maximize your profits.

Minimum commission percentage starting from 12%

We don't add anything on top of your price so that you can price your property
competitively and receive more reservations.

Guests pay at the property

Remain in control of your finances by directly collecting money
from the guests at the property.

Register Your Property

Property information

Your Address Matters

Please make sure you enter the full address of your property, including building name, number, etc. Based on the information you provide, we’ll send an account manager to verify the property.